Reflection: My Experience as a Graduate Assistant for Wolfpack WORKS

I am the luckiest pre-service teacher in the state.

This is a sentence I’ve often repeated to my peers, family, and friends when I describe my role as a Graduate Research Assistant with Wolfpack WORKS.  As an Elementary Education MAT student, getting the chance to work on a program that works with NC beginning K-2 teachers on their literacy pedagogy?  It doesn’t get much better than that.

I was brought on to the project in the developmental phase – I got to see, firsthand, the vision for Wolfpack WORKS and the development of the evidence-based practices and indicators that drive the program as a whole.  I was fortunate to work on the creation of both the Fall and Winter Professional Development sessions that Wolfpack WORKS BTs attended.  I had the pleasure of serving as an ELLCO observer – traveling to different parts of the state that our BTs work in and witnessing the abundance of passion, joy, and love that our BTs possess.  I worked as part of a dynamic team that consisted of highly intelligent professors, coaches, project managers, and graduate/undergraduate assistants, all of whom worked tirelessly for the future of our state’s children.

So, as I enter my student teaching semester (and beyond), I will take with me the innumerable lessons learned about teaching, about literacy, and about the power of resiliency of education in our state.  The future is bright.

The luckiest pre-service teacher in the state,
Stephen McKinney

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