Revisiting Rules and Procedures After a Long Break

Happy New Year and hopefully you have had a restful winter break and are ready to kick off the second half of the school year.  As you return to your classroom, take a moment to reflect on your classroom rules and procedures.  The site Teaching Made Practical, provides some suggestions for reviewing rules and procedures with your students.

  • Classroom Procedures Find Somebody Who! It challenges students to find different people in the classroom to explain different procedures to them. This is a fun, interactive way for students to review procedures after they have been taught.
  • Act out the correct way and the incorrect way to complete a classroom routine or procedure.
  • Have students write their first “How To” paper that explains how to do one of your classroom routines properly.

These activities are just a few ways for you to review your class rules and procedures and can be adjusted to suit your classroom and grade level.  After reflecting, you might find that some might need tweaking or revising.  Taking the time to revisit this important aspect after the break, could save you precious instructional time in the long run.  Let’s kickoff the second half of the school year and continue to make this happy and successful New Year indeed for your students.

Carrol Miller, Ed.D
Wolfpack Works Literacy Coach

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