Utilizing Newsletters to Support Beginning Teachers

The work we do as literacy coaches through Wolfpack WORKS impacts many Grades K-2 children and teachers across NC.  Each and every day, I want to encourage and support our teachers!

I have found that I can uplift my teachers’ spirits, and send “shout outs” to them and the work they are doing, through the bi-weekly newsletters that I create and share. These newsletters are specific to the work within the county I serve and help build a community among the teachers with whom I am collaborating.

So, how do I organize these newsletters? They vary and depend upon the visits I make to my teachers. I typically share the following information:

  1. Student work that is taking place in classrooms:  I highlight two or three classrooms in each newsletter.
  2. Teacher highlights: I include awards, special mentions, or “ah-has”! These recognitions encourage teachers to share their special moments in and out of school.
  3. Wolfpack WORKS module updates:  I add a quick link for teachers to remind them to utilize this amazing resource!
  4. Visitation schedule: This schedule gives teachers a quick way to access my schedule and know where and when I will be in their county or working in the office.
  5. Model teaching videos: These videos are very useful when teachers need assistance in a particular area (such as guided reading or read alouds) and I am not able to work in their classrooms that week.
  6. Evidence-based literacy tips: I share excerpts from articles we are reading as literacy coaches and from literacy-focused journals.

Here is a link to one of my newsletters

I hope you will consider creating your own newsletters! I love sharing this information with my teachers and know that they benefit greatly from this form of communication.

Valerie Radcliffe, Wolfpack WORKS Literacy Coach


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