How Sharing Can Motivate and Engage Writers


As a Wolfpack WORKS literacy coach, I am often asked by my teachers how to engage their student writers and motivate students to write. I feel that my response gets a raised eyebrow when I simply say, “Let your writers share! Let them write for an audience”. This answer seems so simple, doesn’t it?

When students are able to share their stories, it gives them a purpose for writing. Writers write to share their ideas and stories with others. Students also are held accountable when they are writing for an audience. They focus more on adding details to their story or writing using more adjectives during their writing time. Why? They know that they will be reading their publications to their peers, which leads to higher student engagement.

Students sharing their writing with one another builds classroom community. When writers share their ideas, thoughts, and experiences, it brings them closer together, and they begin to encourage one another as individuals.

Sharing students’ writing motivates and engages writers because it allows for celebration.  It allows a teacher and her students to celebrate the growth that each writer makes throughout the week, month, and year. We all want to be recognized for our accomplishments!

Allowing students to share with a partner, in small groups, and in the whole group by sitting in an Author’s Chair are all ways in which students can share their writing daily.  Carve out 5 minutes at the end of your writing lesson and give sharing a try. I promise you that students will fall in love with writing time if you do!


Jennifer Wood

Wolfpack WORKS Literacy Coach


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