In·spire (n.): to encourage somebody to greater effort, enthusiasm, or creativity.  To awaken a particular feeling in somebody.

Has anyone ever asked you what inspires you?  If someone asked me that question today, my answer would be simple.  I would say “people” inspire me daily.  Working alongside amazing people with the Wolfpack WORKS initiative has truly inspired me to continuously improve my practice. I work as a Wolfpack WORKS literacy coach and below I explain my journey and the many inspirations I experienced this year:

Lending a helping hand: One of our Wolfpack WORKS  counties was significantly impacted by Hurricane Florence.  It was amazing to see the Wolfpack WORKS team, the NC State College of Education, and the communities of Benson and Raleigh come together to support the communities and schools of Duplin County.  Seeing everyone lend a hand and help others in need inspired me to want to continuously give back.

Daily conversations with coaches and our leadership team: Each member of the Wolfpack WORKS family motivates me daily through our professional and personal conversations.  I appreciate the opinions and knowledge from each coach and leadership team member. My colleagues inspire me to believe in myself, to push myself harder, to learn something new, to be proud of my goals, to give back, to share, to serve, and to inspire others.  

Teachers feeling accomplished: Seeing teachers light up when they have accomplished something in their classrooms makes me feel proud!  Seeing what our teachers do for their children daily, from building relationships with them to helping them grow into amazing readers and writers, continues to inspire and teach me.  Our teachers are not only learning from the Wolfpack WORKS coaches and interventionists, but we are learning from them.

Seeing students become excited about reading:  Sparking a love and excitement for reading is remarkable to see in classrooms across North Carolina.  Seeing students rush to grab a book and become excited to tell me about it when I come out to visit touches my heart.  Reading promotes knowledge and these students are thirsty for knowledge. Their love for reading and learning is contagious, and inspires me to continue to learn more.   

Supportive and kind district partners:  Working as a Wolfpack WORKS literacy coach has given me the opportunity to work alongside some of the most wonderful and talented professionals.  They are kind and supportive, and are so excited to see the impact we are collectively making in our teachers’ growth and student achievement. The growth and success we have seen in our county wouldn’t be possible without our supportive and collaborative district partners.  

Pay it forward: Through Wolfpack WORKS, I’m excited to share with others what inspires me.  Let’s keep the inspiration chain alive! The next time someone inspires you, let them know what it means to you and pay it forward.  For me, it’s always the “people”.

Priscilla Johnson

Wolfpack WORKS Literacy Coach


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