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Over the summer, the Wolfpack WORKS coaches have been hard at work despite many schools being out for summer vacation! While the coaches have extensive knowledge and experience in literacy instruction, they highly value keeping up with the latest research on effective literacy instruction. Therefore, over the past month, the coaches worked in groups to dig into the latest research on various components of literacy instruction. Each group put together a presentation to highlight what they found.

Last week, the coaches gathered together to share their presentations with each other. Presentation topics included oral language, phonics and phonemic awareness, vocabulary, comprehension, fluency, and writing. In their presentations, coaches included many engaging and interactive components, such as a “break out” activity that involved coaches discovering clues as they learned about new research on vocabulary instruction.

Coaches also prepared for the 2019-2020 school year by spending time thinking more about read alouds which will be the focus of Wolfpack WORKS coaching for the first quarter of the school year. In particular, they focused on multicultural texts that could be read aloud to students and considered how they could support beginning teachers in using these types of texts in their classrooms.

In addition, coaches practiced using revised tools and protocols that will strengthen the support they provide to beginning teachers this coming school year. The coaches are so much looking forward to working with their beginning teachers soon!


Anna Thorp
Wolfpack WORKS Project Manager


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