Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southeast

A colleague from the Regional Educational Laboratory (REL) Southeast recently met with our Wolfpack WORKS coaches and leadership team members. REL’s work supports education initiatives and aims to bridge the gap from research to practice. A component of REL’s work is to produce research-based tools that provide support for teachers and administrators in a variety of schools and classrooms.. 

One such tool they have developed are self-study guides, which are made available for groups to use as resources for assessment, reflection, and planning. REL is currently developing a self-study guide that is focused on literacy coaching. As part of their development process, REL pilots the self-study guides with applicable groups.  As such, a colleague from REL piloted the literacy coaching self-study guide with our Wolfpack WORKS team members.

The literacy coaching self-study guide is composed of five areas grounded in research. The Wolfpack WORKS team members used the self-study guide to assess, reflect upon, and consider next steps related to our literacy coaching work in these five areas. Our team members provided feedback to our REL colleague to improve and enhance the literacy coaching guide. 

Our Wolfpack WORKS team members found this work to be very valuable! We had rich conversations, reflected on where we are with our coaching work, and discussed potential ways to make our coaching work even more effective. We were pleased that a colleague from the NC Department of Public Instruction was able to join us for these conversations.

REL is hopeful that the final version of the literacy coaching self-study guide will be available next year. Thank you, REL, for piloting the self-study guide with our Wolfpack WORKS team! We look forward to seeing the final version of the tool!

Anna Thorp

Wolfpack WORKS Project Manager

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